Health & Wellness

The Wellness of Food

By Bren Gonzalez

Sulli Farm

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I have been wanting to share this young woman with so many for a longtime. When we moved here she was the first person I met at the local farmers market. She then invited us to visit her farm what I didn’t know at the time  was all the work it goes into raising livestock and then I was stunned that Anne Marie does all of this. Her knowledge is mind blowing to say the least… So I set up a special time a year later but we did it and we sat in her beautiful shop which also sells local products and had some delicious coffee and had a great chat.

When did you start your business & what gave you the idea?
I started  sullifarms in 2016 here in Hooks, Texas. A year ago 2018 I opened the store . The idea to start the farm was the lack of access for well raised food and lack of knowledge of small farming & food.

How does your day start?
In spring I start about 8:00 am my routine is the maintenance , feeding the animals the feed & water . I then milk the cows. Once I’m done with this part I make myself breakfast once I’ve taken care of myself and some business I return outside to the farm same routine except milking.
What do you have for breakfast?
Coffee with fresh raw milk, eggs and sausage & avocado toast with butter. Then while I am eating I’ll check my emails, do some business marketing , review my website and all matters that pertain to the business side.

Do you feel overall health is part of the environment and how animals are raised for those who consume them?
Yes for sure . Health is the base point for my business decisions . The way we raise the animals is ultimately the health of the animal of which is  what we consume.

You have a great sense of the world today and what is your take on the Organic lifestyle, the diet trends and in the now the KETO which entails a lot of meat?
As someone whom is very familiar and have learned alot about health and nutrition , I’d definitely  say I’ve learned from my own experience a while ago trying different diets and realized diet has to be very individualized a lot of success from healthy eating comes from your ancestry DNA. 

Another passion for me was learning Herbs & Natural Medicine which is what lead me to study diets & realized FOOD IS MEDICINE & how the Quality of the food is so important. 

Dessert can be eaten also best is though cooked at home from scratch and knowing which ingredients are good for you. 

I believe in not avoiding a food group which is what lead me to meat. And when focusing on eating well I couldn’t find good quality meats. 

Through farming and raising livestock I’ve come to the conclusion that meat is not bad it is how we raise it to be  healthy food.

What is your biggest challenge?
The Business in farming economics of it because it is hard to create a sustainable business with sustainable healthy food.

We are selling food with a  market that is predetermined even if the quality is a world of difference we still have to try to make our food affordable for the everyday consumer. Our intention is not to farm for onty the elite and well off but we want to provide food for everyone.

What do you do for your own selfcare?

Traveling and when I do I like focusing it to be on local and untouchable tourism areas because I like getting to know places as if I were living in it daily and also I support the local business while I’m visiting. 

As for the day to day setting myself limits on workload by not allowing my lifestyle to be driven by money but instead about what you gain doing a job you enjoy in a sustainable manner to keep enjoying it. I believe in creating always a healthy relationship with work and lifestyle. 

And lastly I take care of myself also my practicing holistic living keeping in mind food is medicine

Open talk: We discuss her farm to table she will soon have available again I highly suggest you keep an eye out for the dates. She uses her local food and gathers from other local farmers also a great way to taste and see for yourselves why we love her farm…..