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New Year New Healthy Outlook

By Bren Gonzalez

If you are reading this we all have been feeling the waves of this new year coming in and out quite quickly from emotions to unpredicted times and I just want to tell you we are not alone! Wanted to share the last year and now new year I have heard so many experiences from good health, to bad health, and to these unpredicted viruses. How can I help is always my go-to when I receive calls and messages. I'm reminded how important it is for me to share with my community which for me is both locally and virtually of how having ourselves and loved ones set up to reach good health is still as vital today as it was two years ago. Lets me share my vitamin protocol when it comes to the immune system and then during illness.

Daily Immune Protocol:
Vitamin C 500mg
Vita D K2
Zinc 20mg
Turmeric 500mg
( Personally, I take more for my own personalized nutrition plan, but this is the immunity ones)

Onset symptoms :
Vitamin C 1000-5000mg
Vitamin D3-K2 double dose
Zinc 30mg to 50 mg
Clear Lungs by Ridgecrest
Throat Spray Bee Propolis or Zinc Spray
Melatonin 10 mg 
Eucalyptus baths and diffused ( for breathing)
Peppermint oil ( headache relief)
Licorice Root
Ginger Tea
Endure electrolytes in water drops

While onset some days you'll want warm drinks and food. Others you want cold drinks, I made a ginger tea and honey added ice, same for food lots of fruits helped bring relief. When feeling nauseous crakers helped with cordyceps & licorice root drops in water.

You can find all these vitamins in my shop here: from both amazon and my dispensaries.

It is so important to Stay Positive and Be Healthy and make this year the  Healthiest version of yourself !!!!!

There are many studies still being done on the effects of our immunity and these viruses, lot of them are not shared as I feel they should be but please be your best own healthcare advocate and read here the articles and updates are endless and I definitely feel this is a great resource as this will continue to be in waves and I know one thing for certain if our immune health is our number one priority the effects are more likely to be less then the first time and so on. How to maintain a healthy immunity start with a personalized plan, then getting into a routine of exercise and healthy eating. Stay on your supplements daily and have a backup kit in your home which also should include electrolytes, medicine that your doctor can prescribe, inhalers, nebulizers, and a pulse oximeter.

* These statements have not been approved or regulated by the FDA. I am not a doctor, therefore always consult with your doctor first *