Hi, I’m Bren

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach. I believe that so many health benefits come from lifestyle changes, nutrition, mindfulness and energy. I bring my expertise and intellectual curiosity to all my clients and group classes. I am married and have three amazing sons. I’m originally from Miami, FL. I enjoy yoga, running and meditation in my free time which I make these a daily routine.

A Little More About Bren

Bren Gonzalez is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Expert and a Non-Toxic Living Creator. Be Healthy By Bren grew out of her lifelong passion for health, wellness and creating toxic free living spaces. Her passion, optimistic approach and program offerings help guide her clients to live a healthier lifestyle, achieve their personal goals and develop sustainable habits.

Bren is driven by her desire to help her clients and her own intellectual curiosity. She is continuously keeping up to date with the latest research, dietary theories and all things wellness by attending workshops and events throughout the country. She strives to find the latest products the market has to offer for beauty and living spaces that cater to not only women but men and children of all ages. Her expertise has also lead her to create wellness homes and office spaces. Bren loves to spend time in her kitchen creating home-made juices and recipes with fresh and organic products. This stems from her belief that by doing so leads to a clean diet. The Be Healthy Kitchen, as she calls it, is always looking to create new recipes and is mobile in order to provide her clientele with private or group cooking classes. Her inspiration started over a decade ago while visiting Nosara, Costa Rica and learning so many health benefits that come from making lifetsyle changes. And also before starting her practice, her story started with her own health and that of her children. As a mother, she became concerned with the diagnose and treat method. This lead her to do her own research in which she found that by changing diet and lifestyle, a holistic approach was more beneficial in achieving optimal health. She ultimately enrolled at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and completed her Nutrition Health Coaching Certification . She is an active IIN Ambassador, always willing to discuss their programs. She feels very grateful and blessed to have become certified in this field and realizing her true passion.