Wellness Services

Grocery Store Tours

At times the grocery store can be overwhelming , not anymore. I will be your personal guide and teach you how to read the labels and find better alternative foods. We will meet at a local grocery store or can be virtual call also and I will guide you how to shop the aisles . This will take approximately 1 hour.

Wellness Home or Office Non Toxic Guide

I will go to your home and we will have a walk through and discuss all the things that can be less toxic in your home. I will give you a handout of non toxic products to replace with and the same for home furnishing. We will discuss new products to have in your home that will help keep toxins out . Also I will be sharing a handout of easy to make cleaning products for your home & your beauty routine. ( all can be done virtually)

Kitchen and Pantry Reno

We will go over all you kitchen essentials.. I will also go through your pantries and give you a list of products if needed to replace with.We will then discuss some must haves key pieces to have in your kitchen and which ones are toxic that should be removed. Remember good health starts in your kitchen . (all can be done virtually)

Be Healthy Mobile Kitchen

My mobile kitchen offers one on one cooking classes or group classes. I share how to make your favorite foods healthier, cooking staples and more. Also learning new recipes , hosting for guest also and more. The best part is learning how to make new recipes without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
Note: Will travel for groups of 20.


    If you’d like to inquire about my services or if you’d like more information feel free to fill out the form and i’ll get back to you!