Specialty Services

Juicing Your Way to a Healthier You

All the essentials needed for you to make fresh juice at home with recipes along with the extra boost to make the journey of juicing be its best fit for your lifestyle. Samples will be available.

Holistic Detox Plans

Giving you options for you to choose the best one that works for your lifestyle and better health. Samples will be available.

Stash Planning

Meal prepping which can be from vegan, gluten-free, keto, whole 30, grain free and more, displaying how to make one and giving you grocery lists and recipes. Samples will be available.

Shining from Inside Out

All things Clean Beauty, giving you all the top products to look for, which ones are REALLY natural, tips and list of toxins in products and more. Samples will be available.

Happy Hormones

All on what to eat, drink, and at-home remedies to keep your hormones balanced at all ages. Along with a takeaway guidance list. Samples will be available.

Healthy Home

Showing you how to make your home and workspace toxic-free. Sharing all tips and remedies along with a takeaway list of must-haves to get for your spaces.


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