Live Healthier

In Person or Via Digital

As a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach I help you cultivate a healthy approach to nutrition, health and wellness through my one on one consultations, where we will address each of these areas to formulate a personally tailored plan to help you achieve optimal health and an overall well-being.

Single Consultation (90 Min)

During our session I will review the health & nutrition assessment forms with you that I will send you prior to our session to fill out. We will then review all the options from my speciality service list for you to choose which one you would like us to focus on & discuss your supplement routine. We will then get you started on a customized protocol that includes nutrition, supplements and lifestyle recommendations.

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Personalized Plans

Detoxing, Fasting, Cleanses and more..

What's included

  • 20 min consultation to go over detox choices

  • Prolon 5-day intermittent fasting diet plan

  • Customized 10 day detox

  • 3 or 5 day juice cleanse

  • 21 day eating cleanse

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